The Old Building

The London Midland Railway Society identified it as a Victorian modular railway building of a type built between 1860 and 1920 and only a handful remain.

A photo from 1891 with the six station staff standing on the platform clearly shows the current building on the Manchester side and a similar one on the Crewe side.   

It will require significant funding and more support from our community to ensure that the building survives to give a distinctive character to our Station.  

Without it Goostrey Railway Station would become "just another stop" on the line between Manchester and Crewe...

‘The six year long struggle, by FOGS, to persuade the railway companies to renovate the historic, Victorian (1891) old ticket office at Goostrey Station is about to be rewarded with Network Rail, aided by funding from the Railway Heritage Trust (RHT), being about to commence the work with a planned completion by May of this year.

The plan is to bring the building back to its original appearance in ‘heritage colours’ rather than in the livery of Northern Rail. The Railway Heritage Trust are hoping that the restored condition will be such that the building can be entered for a National Rail Heritage Award which would really put Goostrey Station onto the railway map. These images of the current condition of the building, both inside and out, have been taken by the Railway Heritage Trust so that we have a comparison of ‘before and after’.

FOGS is now engaging with Northern Rail, the current franchise holders for the station, to determine how the building can be used in the future and under what lease/rental terms.  FOGS/Northern will then be seeking occupants for the building and anyone who would be interested in occupying the whole or a part of it should please contact Mike Jarvis at this stage.

Currently we  have one interested party who would like to use the building as an Art Studio and Art Education Centre for local schools.

Our sincerest gratitude to Railway Heritage Trust for their generous donation and support!

You can learn more about the work they do by visiting their website.

The Work Begins!